Sheldon Harnick -Theater Adaptation Fiddler On The Roof

Wonderful discussion on Fiddler with Sheldon Harnick and Alisa Solomon, with musical performance by Cantor Jack Mendelson, Joann Borts, Daniel Kahn, Rachel Weston, and Luisa Muhr. Accompanied by the wonderful Joyce Rosenzweig. Recorded at Yiddish NY 2016.

David Fallick shares his experiences visiting Vilna – Yiddish New York 2016

Meet David Fallick as he shares his stories on his travel to Vilna and his important work with the Survivors Mitzvah Project!

Laura Melnicoff – Haneirot Hallalu; with Pete Rushefsky and Jeff Warshauer

Wonderful performance by cellist Laura Melnicoff of this very special Hassidic (Chabad) Niggun.
Performed at Yiddish New York 2016.

YNY Unplugged!

A great evening at Town & Village Synagogue from Yiddish New York 2016.
Socalled (AKA Josh Dolgin); Book of J; Susan Watts, Elaine Hoffman watts “Hartsklap”

Irena Klepfisz visits Our Voices Radio at Yiddish New York

Winner of the 2016 Adrienne Cooper Memorial Dreaming in Yiddish Award, Irena Klepfisz, stops by the studio for a fascinating chat on her life and work

Asher Rushefsky, featuring Pete Rushefsky and Yotam Ben Or YNY 2016

Asher Roshefsky, featuring Pete Roshefsky and Yotam Ben Or YNY 2016

2016 YNY Lobby Jam: Zachary Goldstein with Pete Rushefsky and Don Slovin

Zachary Goldstein on clarinet accompanied by Pete on Tsimbl and Don on drum.

Fli, Mayn Frishlang! Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman

Wonderful interview with Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman and Granddaughter Esther Gottesman – Klezkamp 2007

A Contemporary Artists’ Take on Superstition, Symbols and Mysticism in Today’s Jewish World

Join us for a visit to Yiddish New York @ the Abrazo Interno Gallery. Curated by Tine Kindermann and Deborah Ugoretz. Music by “Tzu Fil Duvids”.

Tsimbl Trio – Pete Rushefsky, Roger Reid and Marianna Beytleman

This recording from the RadioKlezkamp archives 2005 of a rare and wonderful tsimble trio!