Allen Lewis Rickman Yiddish New York 2016-Theater Faculty

Allen Lewis Rickman joins us in the studio and gives us a taste of this year’s theater program

Nicole Borger – Raizes visits us at Yiddish NY 2016

Nicole and Edy Borger from Sao Paulo bring Nicole’s album Raize,s and tells us about the Jewish Music institute of Brazil and Klestival-Frank London artistic director.

Ilya Shneyveys and Zoe Chistiansen perform whistle and accordian duo – exclusive on Our Voices Radio

A unique performance – penny whistle and accordion performed live at Our Voices Radio during Yiddish New York 2016

Zoe Christiansen and Aaron Blacksberg YNY 2016

Impromptu accordion duo performed at Our Voices Radio during Yiddish New York 2016

Student Performances Yiddish New York 2016

Culmination of Yiddish NY 2016 – wonderful Yiddish theater and music performances!

Meet Luisa Muhr – Theater and vocals faculty at YNY 2016

Luisa Muhr stops by for a visit to Our Voices Radio at Yiddish New York. Luisa is an actor, vocalist, movement artist, director, educator and co-founder of the theater and performing arts company FENGARI Ensemble.

Korean Yiddish Jam YNY 2016

Jihyun Yoon playing Gqyageum (zither), Eunyeong Kim playing Haegeum (Two Stringed Fiddle), Jongyoon Yang Playing Janggu (drum) joins Pete and Asher Rushefsky and others at a Yiddish New York 2016 Jam at Our Voices Radio