Khazntes: Women’s Voices of the Golden Age

Khazntes were female exponents of classic khazones from the Golden Age of Cantorial Music (early to mid 20th century). Haley Kobilinsky, Judith Berkson, Sharon Bernstein, Sarah Myerson, Fredda Mendelson, Shayna Postman, Nicole Borger, Sasha Lurje and Janet Leuchter celebrate the artistry and music of the greatest Khazntes: Perele Feig, Goldie Malavsky, Fraydele Oysher, Bas Sheva, Sophie Kurtzer and Sheindele the khaznte. Musically directed and accompanied by Joyce Rosenzweig (Music Director of Congregation Beit Simchat Torah), Judith Berkson, Frank London & Michael Winograd.

This concert was produced by Yiddish New York, performed at the Town and Village Synagogue in NYC.